Why Hempstead County?

Hempstead County is located in Southwest Arkansas along I-30 with Hope as the county seat. We are located in the middle of North America in the heart of a 4-state region; Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, & Oklahoma. 

Our nearest
Metropolitan Statistical Area is 35 minutes southwest in Texarkana, AR/TX with Dallas, Texas just 2.5 hours away. Going 1 hour and 45 minutes northeast you will find Little Rock, Arkansas and on to Tennessee, then 1 hour 30 minutes south is Shreveport, Louisiana. Broken Bow, Oklahoma is 1 hour 30 minutes west.

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Hempstead County community is an industrial and agriculturally based economy with a strong work ethics among its workforce. The economy is based on poultry processing, bakery goods, and the manufacture of steel joists, auto parts, wood products, audio equipment, and molded plastics.

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Hempstead County has developed as a shipping center for timber and agricultural products, notably watermelons, beef cattle, eggs, and poultry. Hempstead has 14 Motor Freight Companies serving our area, 5 local terminals, Union Pacific and Kiamichi Railroad service Hempstead County as well. There are 5 major highways and 2 Interstate Exits that intersect in Hempstead County. We have an Amtrak Stop and a general aviation airport next to our Industrial Park with capability of landing Air Force One.

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Other Quick Facts about Hempstead County:

Arkansas has been ranked as having the lowest cost of doing business.